Tarot Reader Predicts Genesee County Woman’s $500K Lotto Win

A Michigan woman from Genesee County won a $500,000 lottery prize on the same day a Tarot reader predicted money would be coming her way. 

On Her Way to a Tarot Reading

The 59-year-old woman explained to Michigan Lottery officials that she was heading over to a tarot card reading session when she decided to stop at a BP gas station found at 3238 West Thompson Road in Fenton and purchase a few scratch-off tickets.

This was not her regular go-to store for buying her weekly lottery tickets, as the women explained. 

“Once a week, I purchase a few instant games, and I usually always buy them from the same store,” she said.

However, on the day she won, she said she “stopped at a different store, purchased some tickets,” and placed them in her purse.

The woman was clueless about the fact that she had just bought a winning Michigan Lottery ticket that would bring her half a million.

Life-Changing Ticket 

The lucky winner also told lottery officials that she always told the people in her life that she “was going to win the Lottery one day.” 

After she made the purchase at the gas station in Fenton, she visited the Tarot reader who told her she should expect money to be coming into her life “very soon.”

While she tried to imagine how that could happen, she failed to remember the freshly bought lottery tickets she was carrying in her purse.

It was only later that evening that she decided to scratch them. 

When she uncovered the star symbol, she thought to herself she would “at least” win her money back, thinking it would be a $10 win

Much to her surprise, she added, she went on to reveal the $500,000 prize.

“I tried to remain calm,” she explained, “but I knew right then and there this had just changed my life.”

As for what she plans to do with the money, the player said she wants to pay off her car, go on a cruise with a friend, and save the rest.

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