Spin the Decks With a Cosplay Kitty in DJ Cat Slot!

Doomscrolling; it’s my morning ritual. We all do it, you know, the infinite Instagram scroll that starts with a Cillian Murphy meme and ends in a lesson on gator wrestling.

The other day I came across a cosplay fanatic who dresses up as the anime girl of every gamer’s dream and video chats with them on Omegle – the MSN chat room of my day.

I tell you, these kids cannot cope when they see her. She chats them up, gets them excited, and later reveals she’s a “huge Russian man.” Out come the biceps and the deep voice only a Vladimir could have. Their faces. Priceless.

Anyway, wanna chat about DJ Cat slot?

Spin the decks with a cosplay kitty

DJ Cat slot’s also about dressing up, but this time it’s a techno queen as a kitty, who makes dreams of winning up to $350,000 come true.

While you think you’re entering this Push Gaming slot to find the usual video slot where you can rip it up on the reels with the same old features, and pretty obvious game rules – you’re dead wrong. Just like with Vlad, things aren’t always as they seem.

My advice, cleanse all your expectation chakras and get your scientific calculator out, because you’re gonna need it for this one.

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Do your daily push ups

When I hit spin on DJ Cat slot, I was presented with a single active play row right at the bottom of the grid. Okay cool… I was playing a one-row wonder for a while and got bored.

I knew there had to be more to this. Turns out, landing Push Up symbols open the game grid – but this was short lived. They open for that round, then boom, we’re back at the bottom the next.

Hint: If you want to open the game grid permanently, and ditch the Push Ups, just choose the 5 Rows option when selecting your bet amount. But it’s gonna cost you extra.

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Apparently dud symbols are a thing

Ever played with Dud Symbols? Well, you will now. The Diamonds you see in this 96.32% RTP slot are duds. Don’t expect to see your screen lighting up with dollar signs when you land a whole grid of these guys. They are, in this case, the enemy.

What’s not your enemy though are the Arrow, VIP and Disc Symbols because you need these to get anywhere in this game. The Arrow pushes you up a row, the VIP Symbol collects Multipliers, and the Discs are your paying symbols.

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Mathematics is always fun

Where’s that calculator? This game involves way more math than my brain can compute. And it’s a turn off for me, unfortunately.

Basically, you win what you see, and I’m just gonna put it how Push Gaming does: If at the end of a bet, a row lands a 5, a Dud, a Dud, and a 0, the Duds block the 0 and you win 10% of your bet, multiplied by 5.

There are many more examples of how wins are achieved in the Game Rules, but this is the gist of it.

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DJ Cat is confusing

I play slot games every day, and I may as well be one of the people chatting to Vladimir on Omegle – because I am as confused about things as his ‘victims’ are when it comes to this high volatility game.

I definitely see why people would want to play it, it’s different, it’s sophisticated, you can win tons of money; but it’s a mind fuck.

Wanna test your school skills and see a Dud Symbol in action? DJ Cat slot is waiting for you.

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