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Limitation of Liability
The information on Crypto888.fun is intended to provide general knowledge about playing slots and at online casinos. Despite our best efforts to keep the content on the Website up to date, Crypto888.fun or the personnel behind it are not liable for the accuracy of the information provided to or by website visitors.

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Before creating an account and playing any online casino games, you must always agree to the online casino’s terms of usage.

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Please make sure to check your local laws before you choose to play at any casino listed on our site. The content on Crypto888.fun is for informative purposes only and you should not rely on it as legal advice. If you are not over 18 year old – or 21 in some jurisdictions, and/or if online gambling is illegal in the country you are in now, it is your responsability to leave this site.

Privacy policy
The processing of data by Crypto888.fun is governed by Armenian law and applicable personal data protection legislation. Crypto888.fun will NEVER send promotional emails. Crypto888.fun does not process any of your personal data because nowhere on the site do we ask any data from the user.

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