Spillemyndigheden Issues Orders, Reprimands SkillOnNet

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, tasked with the regulation of the gambling sector in the country, announced it issued reprimands and orders against one gambling operator. Earlier this week, the Authority revealed that it issued three orders to SkillOnNet. The orders came after the gambling regulator uncovered that the licensee breached the rules for anti-money laundering (AML) on risk assessment. Moreover, it uncovered deficiencies related to internal control procedures and documentation of implemented controls.

In addition to the three recently issued orders, Spillemyndigheden confirmed that it also reprimanded SkillOnNet on two occasions. The reprimands came after the Authority uncovered breaches of the rules about the AML whistleblower scheme and the rules on business procedures.

The Danish gambling regulator explained: β€œThe orders and reprimands are issued in connection with the Danish Gambling Authority’s inspection of Skill on Net’s material, which Skill on Net has prepared in order to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Act.”

Orders Require the Operator to Take Action

The Danish Gambling Authority revealed that SkillOnNet received an order due to inadequate risk assessment. It said that the operator’s risk assessment was insufficient highlighting several breaches of the AML regulations.

On the other hand, the Authority sent the operator an order after uncovering deficiencies related to business processes. The gambling watchdog said that SkillOnNet’s β€œwritten procedures do not describe how, when and by whom the internal controls are monitored to ensure that the internal controls are implemented,” which was also in violation of the AML regulations.

The final order was issued due to a lack of documentation for controls. SkillOnNet has not document that it has implemented internal controls which was also in violation of the Danish gambling regulations, said Spillemyndigheden.

β€œThe orders entail an obligation for Skill on Net to act,β€œ

added the Danish Gambling Authority

Considering the three orders, the Authority explained that SkillOnNet has an obligation to take action. Within two months, the operator must submit a revised risk assessment and internal control procedures. SkillOnNet is also given six months to file necessary documentation that confirms the implementation of internal controls. On the other hand, Spillemyndigheden confirmed that the reprimands do not require further action from the operator as the violations were already addressed.

Recently, Spillemyndigheden uncovered details regarding its ongoing efforts against illegal gambling. The data highlighted efforts and accomplishments completed by the Authority during last year. The regulator’s robust approach resulted in the blocking of access to 49 websites which ultimately helps prevent users from playing with those unlicensed gambling operators.