Cash Crew Slot: A Heist During the Purge

There have been five purge movies. Why exactly, I could not tell you. The thing is, though, I now think thereโ€™s room for at least one more. Hear me out here. Thereโ€™s a method to my madness. Generally, the focus is on murder and the system that created and maintains The Purge. But, all crime is legal. What if they made a purge heist movie? Like Oceanโ€™s Eleven but Rated R.

If Purge: The Heist sounds like a good idea to you, Hacksaw may just have a slot for you. Itโ€™s certainly not clear that this is the theme that the slot provider was going with when it created Cash Crew slot, but itโ€™s the first thing I thought about when I launched it for the first time.

Donโ€™t forget your mask

Cash Crew slot features a wild multiplier and multiplier symbols. The wild multiplier will act as a regular wild symbol while also applying its multiplier value to any winning combinations that fall within a 3ร—3 area around the symbol.

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Multiplier symbols arenโ€™t as simple as the wild multipliers, though. These symbols will award an instant cash prize only when they appear adjacent to a Grab โ€˜Em symbol. When this happens, the multiplier value is applied to your bet amount, and the result is paid out.

A round of Vault free spins is triggered either with three scatter symbols or by purchasing a round of the bonus feature. During a round of free spins, the odds of landing multiplier symbols are increased.

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The slot also offers a High-Security Vault free spins round that is triggered with four or more scatter symbols. This round of free spins increases your chances of landing a multiplier even more and sets the minimum value for multiplier symbols at 5x. Landing a stopwatch symbol during a round of free spins will trigger between two and six additional free spins.

Is Cash Crew slot worth the risk of getting pinched?

Cash Crew slot offers a shot at up to $250,000 in winnings when betting at $25 a spin. However, thanks to the 10,000x max multiplier, you can also play for up to $1,000 in winnings when betting at the minimum of $0.10 a spin. It does, however, lean away from small, consistent wins thanks to its high volatility, which does slow down the gameplay somewhat while youโ€™re hunting for those big wins. The slot offers an RTP of 94%.

Hacksaw may have the most talented group of illustrators of any slot provider save, maybe Nolimit City. And they often have that talent on full display. Cash Crew slot with its cel shading is, however, not the teamโ€™s best work in my opinion. And there really could be any number of reasons for it. Maybe this was the art style they were shooting for, and Iโ€™m just missing it. I just find it hard to swallow that this is the same provider that released Densho. That being said, the slot itself is fantastic, with some really interesting gameplay choices that elevated the experience. Had the graphics been up to Hacksawโ€™s usual standard, this would have been an easy ten out of ten for me. As is, however, Iโ€™m removing one point to give this still-solid slot a nine out of ten.

If youโ€™re looking for a few other interesting slots from Hacksaw, I recommend trying out 2 Wild 2 Die and Toshi Video Club.

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