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Submit Press Release is a leading platform for news resources, making it the perfect choice for publishing press releases about crypto-related announcements and developments. By featuring your press release on Crypto888, you'll gain visibility across the website and have the potential to be picked up by other publications and search engines.

Ordering a press release is a simple process :
1 - Please send your Press Release + Images to the email below. Main image must be 1200x600, other images width 1200.
2 - Once approved, proceed with your payment of 6 LTC.
3 - Once payment is received, your Press Release will be published at the top of Crypto888 index page. Your Press Release will remain "sticky" for 7 days at the top of the site.

Payment methods: BTC, LTC, USDT

Please note that scammers sometimes try to impersonate us, so always confirm that you are dealing with our email below before sending any payment.