REWARD POOL : $69,100 !

REWARD POOL : $69,100 !

Reward pool $69,100


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Futures Bonus M-Day on, a leading crypto exchange, is thrilled to announce the much-awaited Futures Bonus M-Day event with a reward pool of $69,100. This event offers traders an incredible opportunity to win exciting bonuses and prizes. In this article, we will delve into the details of this event and highlight the incredible rewards and benefits it offers.

Reward Pool:

The Futures Bonus M-Day on boasts a whopping reward pool of $69,100. This substantial amount is up for grabs, making it an event that no futures trader would want to miss. This reward pool is purely money based. If you prefer some gift, you can also check the Win a Tesla promotion on Bitstarz.

Winning Tickets:

As part of this event, will distribute 1150 winning tickets. Each winning ticket holds a value of $34 in bonus. This means that lucky participants will have the chance to win this attractive sum of money, which can be used as margin for future trades.

Extra Lucky Prize Pool:

In a gesture of appreciation for the support and loyalty of its traders, has introduced an additional lucky prize. This extra lucky prize pool amounts to a staggering $20,000 in bonuses. This is an exciting opportunity for participants to potentially win even bigger rewards and enhance their trading experience on

Participant Award:

Even if participants do not receive any winning tickets, they need not worry. has ensured that there is something for everyone. Traders who did not win any of the lucky draw tickets will still have the chance to claim from an exclusive participant award pool. This pool consists of the remaining tokens, and users can claim in proportion to the number of losing tickets they possess. With a total of $10,000 in bonuses up for grabs, this serves as a consolation prize for loyal traders.

Trade and Win:

To be eligible for this exciting event, users must engage in futures trading specifically. has reduced the futures taker fee to a mere 0.01% for the duration of this event. This reduction in fees gives traders an even greater incentive to participate in the event.

Trading volume plays a significant role in determining the chances of winning. The more a trader trades USDT-M futures, the higher the likelihood of winning bonus prizes. It is important to note that trading volume includes both open and close trades, encompassing all USDT-M futures pairs. Furthermore, only trades carried out during the event period, with transaction fees taken into account, will be considered for calculating the trading volume.

Reward pool $69,100 !'s Futures Bonus M-Day event is an exciting opportunity for enthusiasm and rewards to converge. With a substantial reward pool, attractive winning tickets, an extra lucky prize pool, and a consolation participant award, this event offers something for everyone. Additionally, the reduced taker fee serves as an added incentive for traders. continues to demonstrate its commitment to offering innovative and rewarding events, ensuring that its users have an outstanding trading experience.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to win bonuses and enhance your trading on Engage in futures trading, seize the moment, and trade your way to exciting rewards.

Reward pool $69,100

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