VGCCC Levies $100,000 Fine to MintBet for Code Violations

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) announced that it has issued a fine of AUD 100,000 ($65,100) to MintBet, an operator that violated its Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct repeatedly. According to the authority, the online operator allowed the player to sit down for extensive periods of time without intervening.

Within a period of approximately 50 hours, the customer in question gambled for roughly 35 hours. The VGCCC understood that the player had placed a total of 327 bets and had lost a total of AUD 31,149 ($20,274).

The customer, according to the commission, exhibited signs of distress and potential problem gambling. Despite that, MintBet failed to intervene and did not stop accepting bets from the customer. The operator only barred the gambler from placing further bets once they actively identified they were experiencing harm from their gambling.

Under the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct, operators should have systems in place that prevent vulnerable players from overspending or losing control of their habits. While MintBet did have such systems, they proved โ€œinadequate,โ€ which is also a violation of the Code.

As a result of its violations, MintBet will not only have to pay a fine but will also be required to communicate the improvements it plans to make to the VGCCC. Depending on the operatorโ€™s response, the authority will decide whether further action might be necessary.

VGCCC Reminds Operators to Follow Their Codes

Scott May, VGCCCโ€™s deputy chief executive officer, commented on the matter, saying that the AUD 100,000 fine is a โ€œwake-up call for all gambling providers.โ€ He reminded operators that they must comply with their Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct in order to shield vulnerable customers from gambling harm.

May noted that even when accepting online bets, gambling companies should remain vigilant and intervene on indicators of distress.

Gambling for an extended period is a key indicator of distress that may indicate problem gambling. There are serious consequences for any gambling provider that fails to comply with their own responsible gambling code of conduct. We wonโ€™t tolerate it.

Scott May, deputy CEO, VGCCC

In the meantime, the VGCCC reminded players of the safer gambling tools available to them, saying that those who fear they are losing control can exclude themselves from playing through BetStop.

The regulator also urged people who believe a gambling provider isnโ€™t living up to its responsible gambling obligations to contact the VGCCC.

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