Two Rolls Royce Cars Owned by IPI Sold for $333K

Two luxury Rolls Royce vehicles, part of the assets of Imperial Pacific International (IPI) LLC, the troubled Saipan casino operator, were up for sale via an auction that closed on April 11. The luxury cars were able to find new owners, after the company in charge of auctioning the assets, Clear Management Ltd, confirmed the sale of the two vehicles, as announced by IAG.

While one of the cars was sold for $163,000, the live online auction saw the second car sell for $170,000. This means that the sales of the cars brought approximately $333,000.

The two Rolls Royce vehicles are only a couple of the total outstanding assets belonging to IPI that are likely going to be sold. Counting the two recently sold cars, so far, there are 11 vehicles belonging to IPI that have been sold.

However, the operator’s assets include many more cars that may go for auction this summer. In total, more than 100 vehicles that are a part of the operator’s assets are likely to go for sale through auctions.

Previously, Danny Ewing, Clear Management’s operations director and former IPI employee, revealed that the company anticipates significant interest from different jurisdictions. β€œWe expected strong interest in these from CNMI and Guam, but what has surprised us is the interest from the Philippines and mainland USA,” he said.

While the two luxury vehicles found new owners, they have to be aware that the transportation of the cars would require additional expenses. Still, considering that a 2021 Rolls Royce can cost approximately $300,000 or even more, the buyers definitely were in for a good deal. How much extra they would pay for the transport also depends on the destination.

Auction for IPI’s Two Crystal Dragons Continues

IPI’s two luxury vehicles were sold but the auction for the operator’s famed Crystal Dragons is still ongoing. The two unique art pieces were put up for auction back in mid-March and their sale came after high-end liquor belonging to the operator was sold.

The two Crystal Dragons are more than 60 meters long and consist of crystal gems. The unique sculptures were made with 2.5 million Swarovski crystals.

A state-of-the-art lighting system allows the Crystal Dragons to change color, underlining further their uniqueness. IPI’s Crystal Dragons were put up for auction with an initial bidding price of $100,000. While those are unique pieces of art, their size and restricted utility make them difficult to sell. Yet, according to Ewing, a number of potential buyers, primarily from the Middle East, have shown interest in the sculptures. The auction for the Crystal Dragons will close on August 22, 2024.