Tropicana Doors Selling for $25,000 as Last Visitors Steal Anything They Can

Thefts and sales

The Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is closing to the public Tuesday. As the closure approaches, reports have emerged of people stealing “anything that wasn’t tied down” as a liquidator listed thousands of items for sale from the resort.

the Bally’s-owned resort has had to shutter certain non-casino areas

Las Vegas Locally took to X on Tuesday to state the Bally’s-owned resort has had to shutter certain non-casino areas because of multiple thefts of Tropicana property:

The Tropicana is the busiest it's been in 35 years.

They've closed off most non-casino areas because people are stealing everything they can get their hands on.

— Las Vegas Locally (@LasVegasLocally) April 2, 2024

Apparent eyewitness accounts of people stealing included testimonies from X users Drummer Andrew and JP Pavlock. The former said he was at The Tropicana on Monday at 6pm and saw people “going through every nook and cranny” looking to steal anything they could. JP Pavlock, meanwhile, shared an image of a slot machine with its electronic components removed:

Crazy they’re still open and they’ve already been removing machine components.

— JP Pavlock (@JPpavlock) April 2, 2024

People who want a piece of The Tropicana legitimately are in luck as liquidators have listed thousands of items for sale, including theatre doors for a cool $25,000.

Going out with a bang

Despite its imminent closure, The Trop is hogging the headlines as it closes 67 years after it first opened in 1957.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Monday that International Content Liquidations, Inc had listed numerous items for sale. These included items from around “1,800 hotel rooms and suites,” multiple food and beverage centers, plus furnishings from the pool and patio, conference center, and banquet areas.

Over 1,500 42-inch flatscreen TVs are going for $55 a piece, while the wall speaker from the Cohiba Room is available for $350.

The LVRJ cited Vegas-based industry analyst and Managing Partner of B Global, Brendan Bussman, as stating that liquidation sales following a resort’s shuttering offer other businesses an appealing opportunity – namely, a chance to pick up “back-of-house equipment, furniture, fixtures and more at a discounted price.”

The biggest prize

One of the biggest price tags is attached to The Trop’s red theater doors, with the alligator-material-clad pair going for $25,000. Red theater seats are for sale at $900 for a whole row.

The upholstered red doors and theatre seats will appeal to collectors of memorabilia who may have once passed through the alligator doors or enjoyed a movie seated in a plush red chair.

Those (doors) have seen a lot of history”

“Some of that becomes nostalgia, like the doors. The Tropicana is known for all its shows. Those (doors) have seen a lot of history,” Bussman said.

While sales of Tropicana items will continue after the resort’s last customers check out the hotel on Tuesday morning, work crews are already underway with pre-demolition work. The operator Bally’s recently gave an update of the demolition work, stating it is to install a 10-foot demolition wall around The Tropicana following its shuttering.

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