Tilman Fertitta Unveils Vision for NHL and WNBA Franchises in Houston

The sports landscape in Houston could be in for a significant shake-up as Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta expresses serious interest in bringing both NHL and WNBA franchises to the city.

Fertitta Envisions NHL and WNBA Franchises in Basketball-Loving City

In an exclusive interview with CNBC’s “Power Lunch,” Fertitta revealed his ambitions, stating that he would like to work on getting an NHL team in Houston. This declaration marks a pivotal moment in Fertitta’s ongoing efforts to diversify Houston’s sports offerings beyond basketball.

Fertitta’s vision extends beyond just hockey. He also hinted at reviving the glory days of women’s basketball in Houston, expressing keen interest in the possibility of a WNBA team making a comeback. He remarked during the interview that he would definitely consider it and thinks it is a great topic to discuss.

The potential arrival of NHL and WNBA teams in Houston has been met with excitement and anticipation among sports fans in the city. Houston has a rich history of sports, but has been without a professional hockey team since the Houston Aeros, a minor league franchise, sporadically played at the Toyota Center, home of the Rockets.

Fertitta’s aspirations have been brewing for some time. Earlier discussions with the NHL about bringing a team to Houston have recently gained momentum, with Fertitta signaling his commitment to making it a reality. He has expressed openness to either securing an expansion franchise or relocating an existing team to Houston, making it clear that he is serious about broadening the city’s sports horizon.

Fertitta to Boost Houston’s Economy with NHL and WNBA Ventures

The potential arrival of NHL and WNBA teams in Houston could have far-reaching implications, not only for sports enthusiasts but also for the city’s economy. Fertitta views the addition of an NHL team, with its 41 home games per season, as a catalyst for boosting the downtown economy, echoing sentiments he expressed in previous interviews.

While discussions continue to unfold, there are hurdles to overcome. Reports suggest that the fate of the Arizona Coyotes, a potential relocation candidate, remains uncertain, with talks of a move to Salt Lake City gaining traction. However, Fertitta remains undeterred, emphasizing his commitment to exploring all avenues to bring NHL and WNBA franchises to Houston.

Fertitta’s interest in expanding Houston’s sports portfolio comes as no surprise, given his track record of ambitious ventures. With his extensive experience in the sports and entertainment industry, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, Fertitta is poised to make significant strides in reshaping Houston’s sports landscape.