The BGaming Drops Frenzy Has €25K to Share. Get Yours at BitStarz!

BGaming and I have had some pretty cool times together, bonding over stuff like our love for cats and weird space fruits.

And hey, the BGaming Drops Frenzy is on right now, with a €25,000 prize pool up for grabs. Looks like the hunt isn’t over, and isn’t just about chocolate eggs anymore either, because there’s a whole lot of cash to be found right up until April 30, 2024.

Sure, it’s not the usual stuff a bunny would leave lying around, but with this much cash dropping, you could buy a mountain of chocolate if that’s your thing.

But first, let’s start playing BGaming slots to see where this frenzy takes us, shall we?

Bag the big one

Some of us aren’t great at sharing. My sister is living proof of that. Let’s just say there was a fight over a skateboard, and that I’m glad her hair finally grew back.

Luckily the BGaming Drops Frenzy has over 1,600 prizes going around, with the top prize drop being €1,000. Nothing wrong with that number!

And even if you don’t bag the big one, you could be in line for the €500 prize. They can be as little as €5, but hey, €5 is better than being lied to about rabbits laying eggs.

This promotion is aimed at every player. Those who like a few casual spins, and those who go all in for the bigger wins… Consider yourself in the running!

About the games

I’ve played pretty much every BGaming slot under the sun, except for the Ring of Riches one. I’m not big into boxing. So I chose Penny Pelican instead. Because I love a bird in a sweater. Who doesn’t?

Certain slots qualify for this promotion, and all you need to do is play them. You can choose any of the 70 slots on offer, and I know you’re probably wondering if Elvis Frog is one of them…

The good news is, he is! You can play Aloha King Elvis slot, and Elvis Frog Trueways slot. And, if anthropomorphic animals are something you enjoy seeing, then try Johnny Cash slot, or Beast Band slot – you won’t go wrong. 

Here for the cash drop frenzy!

The hunt continues, but this time for cash with BGaming. You’ve got the whole month of April to get your share of the €25,000 prize pool!

So whether you’re here for the cash, or to see Axl Rose reincarnated as a lead-singing lion, the BGaming Drops Frenzy is for you. Play it at BitStarz!

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