Rusty & Curly Slot Will Take You to Bonus Town!

Rusty & Curly slot, two lovers raising hell for wins of up to $250,000 in Dorkville. Sure, like Bonnie and Clyde, except in Eustace and Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog version. Goofballs I tell ya.

They’ll shoot, root, and toot (Rusty’s got more gas in his belly than I do in my car) to take over the town and send the Sheriff packing.

And every good duo of destruction knows that if they want to perform the perfect stickup, they’ll need a brainless chicken by their side. And somehow, somewhere, they found the stupidest chicken in the West. Good work.

Now, how about we make some good work of Rusty & Curly slot?

Welcome to Dorkville

If a place called Dorkville actually existed, no doubt it’d have the best residents, barring the few toothless and half-wit wonders we’d find there. I’d definitely roll with Napoleon Dynamite, Steve Urkil, and Homer Simpson. That’d be my crew.

But for now, we’ve got Rusty, Curly, Crispy and Chewy to keep us company, and coupled with the epic features Hacksaw gave this slot, I’d say we struck gold.

Just look at Curly, she’s been riding too many horses in her life. Or was it Rusty she’s been riding? She’s seasoned in funslinging. Rusty on the other hand, he’s useful for something. I’m sure of it!

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Watch things get wild

And I am not talking about these two in the bedroom. Even Pornhub wouldn’t subject you to something that boring.

I’m talking about the Almost Sticky Wild Posters – the base game feature in this 96.29% RTP slot. Wild Posters are your ticket to Respins and Multipliers.

Basically, they can land with a Multiplier Value, a Heart, or both presented on the symbol. The Hearts give you respin lives, aka, a respin amount, while the multiplier value quite simply awards you with up to 10x your bet for a win they’re involved in.

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Can you stick to the plan?

Rusty & Curly slot has two bonus features to play; Stick to the Plan Bonus, and Who Shot the Sheriff Bonus.

You can buy both of them, or buy Featurespins to help boost your chances of triggering them. Of course, you can also just land Bonus Symbols on the reels. That’ll work too.

Stick to the Plan Bonus awards 6 free spins with an increased chance to land Wild Posters with respins and multipliers.

Who Shot the Sheriff Bonus awards 12 free spins, broken up into 3 cycles – each made up of Collect Phase and Payout Phase. Here, Rusty and Curly shoot their shot as Expanded Wilds for multipliers and massive money winning!

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Come on down to dim-wit town!

While Hacksaw gives us plenty of reason to make fun of this slot, I really cannot find a single thing to laugh about when it comes to the gameplay and features here. It’s just really well done.

Not to mention the chance of winning up to $250,000 in a medium volatility setting. Rusty & Curly slot ticks all my boxes. What a cool game!

You should totally try it.

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