Romania Appoints Hairstylist as National Gambling Office VP

Romania’s prime minister, Marcel Ciolacu, has appointed Cristian-Gabriel Pascu as the vice-president of the National Gambling Office (ONJN).

The decision made by the government’s head at the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance has already sparked a lot of controversy in the gambling industry as soon as the official announcement was published in the government gazette on Monday

According to critics, Pascu, who is known as a celebrity hairstylist and beauty salon owner in the country, does not have the necessary experience and training in the gambling world for the new position he has been granted. 

Limited Political Profile

His political profile is also limited, as he has only served as a local councilor for the National Liberal Party since 2021.

His resume also introduces him as president of the Businessmen’s Club PNL as well as a consultant for several companies.

Besides his hairdresser diploma, Pascu also has a law degree from a private university. He was also a TV presenter at a national station and he is best known for his numerous tabloid appearances as a hair stylist for celebrities in the country. 

Due to his appointment, he is now second-in-command at the ONJN. 

According to the list of duties, Pascu will need to enforce the Office’s supervisory rulings on gambling penalties and operations, promote the ONJN, develop new strategies and politics, and represent the Office in its ties with other authorities and public institutions, as well as in court, if given the green light by the ONJN president.

“If You Ask Me to Know the Legislation in the Field, I Really Can’t Help You”

When contacted by G4Media on Tuesday to comment on his appointment and discuss the legislation underlying the institution that he will head, Pascu said “Let me get into the groove and I’ll be at your disposal with all the details of the legislation.”

“If you ask me to know the legislation in the field, I really can’t help you, it’s a relatively new field,” he continued, justifying his lack of information through the fresh appointment “made last night.” 

He explained that he was appointed because he was given a task that he successfully carried through and promised that, as soon as he would familiarize himself with the legislation, he would be open to more interviews. 

“I have managed many companies in various sectors. Generally, in all my endeavors, I strive to perform to the best of my abilities,” he added.

At the moment, the ONJN oversees 820 businesses in the gambling industry that generated €400 million ($431 million) in taxes according to the 2022 financial statements issued by the Ministry of Finance.