Piranha Pays Slot Proves That All Pets Grow Up!

Ever wandered into a pet store, eyes set on a humble goldfish and walked out with… a piranha? Yeah, me neither.

Meet Grandpa, whose idea of an adventurous day out is mistaking shaving cream for toothpaste, decides to up his game and adopt a baby piranha. It’s like going in for a loaf of bread and coming out with a chainsaw.

We’ve all been there, right? Misjudging our purchases? Only this time, it’s with something that can bite back, and in an interesting twist of fate, pay up to $250,000.

Piranha Pays slot is an adventure alright. Not all pets stay babies. And this one’s got a face only a father could love. Wanna hear more about it?

Piranha den or fish tank?

This Play ‘n Go game reminds me of Finding Nemo. It has a sad little movie clip playing as you enter it about a baby fish being put on sale because nobody wants it. 

Poor thing didn’t ask to be dumped there. Bet he’d rather be with his piranha parents. Anyway, there enters Grandpa, his senile savior, and the hunger for, well, food, begins.    

Your job is to help Grandpa grow his piranha and upgrade its tank as he gets bigger. Like a Tamagotchi, just a bit more snappy.  

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Multipliers, instant wins, and a ravenous fish

Over in the background of this 96.2% RTP slot, you’ve got Grandpa, just sitting in his armchair, doing what grandpas do – with his fish of destruction acting like a rabid dog over there on the side table. 

What is he up to over there? He’s throwing out instant cash prizes and random multipliers in the base game of Piranha Pays slot.

At the top of the reels, you’ll see a bar with different silhouettes in it. If you land the corresponding figures in a single spin, then you’ll either win prizes, or enter the Free Spins bonus. This depends on the kind of combination you have made.

The Cookie Jar in the bar is where you’ll see if you’ve been awarded a Random Win Multiplier.

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Free Spins to watch him grow

Triggering the Free Spins bonus can be a ball ache, and I don’t even have them. Instead of the usual Scatter Symbols, here, you need to land the Piranha, and 2 Tin Can symbols to enter it.

And no, there’s no Buy Bonus function. So, you may as well get used to watching meat spin (the food, people). 

Complete the Free Spins Trail to upgrade your piranha, his tank, and your reel area in 10 free games. Oh, and the Random Win Multipliers are in play too.

For each Trail you complete, 5 additional free games will be credited for you to keep going hopefully until all Trails have been concluded for maximum win potential. 

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More than you bargained for

Just like Grandpa got more than he bargained for, you might feel the same way playing this high volatility slot.

I say this, because things can be a little complicated to understand about the game rules, the wait time to enter the bonus might be painstaking, but… the feature opportunities are massive and there’s no shortage of surprise elements here!

Piranha Pays slot was such a refreshing game to play. Something different. Try it?

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