NoMad to Check Out of Park MGM on Las Vegas Strip

The NoMad will soon be no more on the Las Vegas Strip. The boutique luxury hotel โ€” which currently occupies 293 rooms on the top four floors of Park MGM โ€” has been evicted by its own new corporate owners.

The entrance to NoMad Las Vegas, which like all hotels-within-hotels is separate from the host resortโ€™s main entrance, is located next to a side entrance to the Park MGMโ€™s casino. (Image: Trip Advisor)

Hilton acquired a majority controlling interest in NoMadโ€™s London-based operator, the Sydell Group, it announced in a recent press release the hotel giant announced that it would expand the NoMad brand to at least 10 โ€œhigh-end markets around the world.โ€

However, Hilton would do so without NoMad Las Vegas, which the press release stated โ€” as a one-sentence footnote โ€” would โ€œbrand to a new flag in the coming months.โ€

Hilton failed to explain the reason behind its decision, and MGM Resorts, which owns the Park MGM, is keeping its next tenant under wraps for the moment.

However, Casino.orgโ€™s own Vital Vegas blogger Scott Roeben first caught wind that NoMad would be dropped last November, tweeting that the hoity-toity hotel โ€œfailed to meet expectationsโ€ by โ€œnever delivering its promised โ€˜elite clientele.โ€™โ€

NoMad began life in 2009 as Hotel 32, the hotel-within-a-hotel at Park MGMโ€™s predecessor, the Monte Carlo. When faced with the prospect of rebuilding the resortโ€™s top floors, which were destroyed by a fire in 2008, MGM Resorts decided to upgrade instead of just restoring them.

The Monte Carlo itself was rebranded by MGM, as part of a two-year, $650 million renovation in 2018. At the end of the renovation, NoMad opened.

Other hotels-within-hotels on the Strip include the Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay, Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace, and Hiltonโ€™s own Crockfords Las Vegas at Resorts World.

The original NoMad opened in 2012 in the Manhattan historic district that inspired name, North of Madison Square Park.

That location closed in March 2021, due to the pandemic shutdown, and is now rebranded as an outpost of the London-based membership hotel group Ned.

NoMad Los Angeles, which opened a couple of months before the Las Vegas location, also closed in March 2021. It was replaced by Hotel Per La.


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