NJ Sen. Kristin Corrado Proposes College Prop Bet Ban

The nationwide expansion of sports betting brought a legal form of wagering for millions of Americans. A majority of the US states currently offer the activity, while a handful of states are currently trying to legalize it. Yet, the statewide betting expansion continues to raise concerns about the integrity of professional and collegiate sports.

Over the last few years, player-specific proposition bets, also known as prop bets, have become increasingly popular. Such bets allow sports fans and bettors alike to place a specific wager for the individual performance of a certain player, rather than betting on the outcome of the whole game. While some states currently prohibit prop bets on college sports, most offer them without any restrictions.

Prop bets are undoubtedly engaging and fun, but not everyone sees them that way. Recently, some disgruntled bettors who lost hefty wagers posted negative comments and even threats against college athletes. This prompted lawmakers in many states to explore bans for prop bets on college sports, considering their potential negative impact. One state that is currently reviewing an option for banning prop bets on college sports to protect student athletes is New Jersey.

The effort against prop bets is led by Sen. Kristin Corrado, who recently filed Bill S3080. Under the Senator’s proposal, sports betting operators would be prohibited from offering or accepting prop bets on college sports in an effort to protect the well-being of college athletes and the integrity of such competitions.

The Ban Seeks to Protect Athletes, Ensure the Integrity of College Sports

Corrado revealed that her proposal comes at a time when prop bets have threatened the integrity of college competitions. Moreover, she warned that such wagers increased the harassment and pressure on student athletes. β€œI have heard about many individuals who have been the victim of online harassment because they didn’t perform to the expectation of a bettor who made a side wager,” said Corrado.

The Senator added that the proposed bill seeks to address the aforementioned issues, banning prop bets and repealing the abusive behavior of bettors against college athletes. Finally, Corrado said that Bill S3080 plans to make β€œcollege athletic events safer for all participants.”

β€œProposition bets have led to a rise in the harassment of student-athletes and have threatened the integrity of college sports.β€œ

Sen. Kristin Corrado

Currently, New Jersey isn’t the only state that is considering the implementation of restrictions related to prop bets. Amid the growing abuse against college athletes, some states such as Louisiana, Maryland and Ohio have already imposed restrictions for college prop bets.