Lucky Borscht Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Food-themed online slots are certainly not new. Fruits are perhaps the most popular style of online casino game. It might feel difficult to do so, but Onlyplay may have created a game that stands out among the rest of the culinary-themed games.

This unique online casino game takes the food theme to a new level. Players look for the most common borscht ingredients – white cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and beets – to make winning combinations that can really pay off.

Ukrainian-Themed Culinary Experience

We all know that there are games featuring culinary experiences from France, Japan, the UK, and across the world. Onlyplay has taken things to the next level by bringing fans of online slots a truly unique Ukrainian culinary experience.

In Lucky Borscht, players look for all of the classic borscht ingredients: white cabbage, carrots, onions, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, and more. Anyone who has enjoy the dish before can have their delicious memories brought to life while also attempting to put together the win of a lifetime.

About Lucky Borscht

Lucky Borscht takes place in a Ukrainian kitchen and features unpredictability with each and every spin. Players will look to create combinations and find Wilds and Scatters, creating a shot at a huge jackpot with every turn.

The return to player (RTP) rate is 95%, which makes this a medium volatility slot. It also has a Hit rate of just under 13%, which means that there are frequent wins to be had even if they aren’t of the biggest variety. It is a great way to balance risk and reward, ensuring that players have a great time without having to break the bank to find that big win.

About Onlyplay

Though it is somewhat new to the scene, established in 2019, onlyplay has already managed to carve out a place as one of the more unique developers in the iGaming industry. It offers social and crypto gaming, lotteries, and even a few land-based casino solutions.

In just five short years, it has managed to secure several licenses while providing some of the most innovative and unique experiences in the online gaming industry. Anyone can create the classic slot titles but Onlyplay is about creating the kind of experience that will bring players back again and again. Lucky Borscht is clear evidence of that.


If you are tired of the same old fruit slots, Lucky Borscht is a great alternative. Onlyplay has created a thrilling way to enjoy a truly unique, Ukrainian culinary experience. With moderate volatility and the chance to enjoy substantial winnings, Onlyplay has created a memorable title.

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