LSU vs. Iowa Women’s Basketball Matchup Shatters Betting Records

The frenzy surrounding Monday night’s Elite Eight clash between Louisiana State University (LSU) and Iowa transcended beyond the basketball court—it became a monumental event in the realm of sports betting. According to reports, FanDuel revealed that the LSU versus Iowa game marked its most significant betting occasion ever for women’s sports.

Record-Breaking Betting Reflects Women’s Sports Renaissance

This groundbreaking record in betting activity underscores a notable shift in the landscape of women’s sports, which are experiencing a surge in popularity and engagement. Driven by exceptional talents like Caitlin Clark and the escalating valuation of women’s sports franchises, women’s athletics have reached an unprecedented inflection point, reported CNBC.

ESPN reported a staggering 96% increase in viewership for the women’s Sweet 16 compared to the previous year, signaling a burgeoning interest that extends beyond traditional viewership into the realm of sports betting. Despite this surge, statistics from the American Gaming Association indicate that only 26% of bettors are women, highlighting a vast untapped market for sportsbooks.

The LSU-Iowa showdown was not just a basketball game. It was a collision of legends and fierce competition. The matchup featured renowned players such as Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, along with the coaching prowess of Kim Mulkey, adding layers of intrigue that captivated audiences and bettors alike. 

Women’s Basketball Surpasses Major Sporting Events

FanDuel disclosed that this game surpassed all other major sporting events on April 1, including fixtures from the NBA, MLB, and NHL, in terms of betting volume.

Following closely behind was the matchup between the University of Connecticut and the University of Southern California, where UConn’s Paige Bueckers stole the spotlight with an impressive performance. Both games witnessed unprecedented levels of betting activity, with DraftKings noting that women’s basketball dominated its sportsbook, surpassing even the NFL in terms of handle.

BetMGM also reported historic levels of engagement, with the LSU-Iowa matchup becoming its most bet-on women’s basketball game ever. Seamus Magee, trading manager at BetMGM, described it as an exceptional evening for both the game and the sportsbook emphasizing the record-breaking handles both in pregame and live in-play action.

Looking ahead to the women’s Final Four, FanDuel has positioned Iowa as a 2.5 point favorite over UConn, while South Carolina emerges as a formidable 11.5 point favorite against NC State

As anticipation builds for the culmination of this thrilling tournament, the unprecedented levels of betting activity underscore the growing prominence and commercial viability of women’s sports.