Lottoland Voices Concerns as Gambling Minister Shuns Meetings

Currently, there are major changes planned for the gambling sector in the United Kingdom. The government launched a review of its gambling regulations that resulted in a number of recommendations that ultimately seek to make the laws suitable for the digital age. But it is not only the UK that is considering changes as the gambling legislation overhaul in Ireland is also gaining traction.

Lawmakers with the country’s lower house, Dáil Éireann, are set to review the 2022 Gambling Regulation Bill that seeks to implement changes to the industry. Once the bill makes its way through the Dáil, its next stop would be the Seanad where it will undergo further assessment and review.

Yet, the proposed changes to the gambling laws have already raised eyebrows with representatives of the horse-racing sector sharing concerns about the potential advertising ban. Similarly, sports betting operators warned about the negative impact of the restriction of promotions and the implementation of other limits.

Lottoland, a company that currently offers its clients options for betting on national lottery results instead of participating in the draws themselves, is also among the concerned gambling industry stakeholders. A newly released report suggests that although the company tried to share its concerns with the Minister of State who is supporting the changes to the gambling legislation, James Browne, so far it hasn’t been successful.

The Operator Is Yet to Discuss a Number of Issues with the Minister

According to the Irish Times, Lottoland sent a letter to Browne back in March, addressing a number of concerns. In the letter, the company’s VP for UK and Ireland, Mike Kirwan, rejected a claim from Browne from a radio interview where the Minister said that the win and stake limits within the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act are already applicable to Lottoland.

The executive argued that considering the nature of the company’s business, offering betting services, it is regulated under the Betting Act and not the Gaming and Lotteries Act. More importantly, Kirwan noted that it is concerning to see legislation with such vague definitions, adding that the proposed bill may impact Lottoland’s business.

Clarification of these specific terms is essential in order to ensure both compliance with the regulation, certainty for existing operators/operations in the Republic and also to avoid any need to seek clarity before the courts in future,

reads the letter sent by Mike Kirwan, Lottoland’s VP for UK and Ireland

What’s more, the executive said that despite attempts, Lottoland is yet to yet to sit down and discuss its concerns with the Minister. Kirwan added that it is concerning to see the minister fail to discuss the issues with Lottoland, while the bill continues to gain traction.