Las Vegas Strip Kosher Hotel Proposal Has Potential, Experts Agree

A planned 486-room kosher hotel located on a small parcel off of the Las Vegas Strip may face an uphill battle, but experts agree if the 46-floor property ever opens, it will meet the needs of the growing number of observant Jews.

A traditional Jewish wedding dance, pictured above. A proposed kosher hotel in Las Vegas could be the site for many weddings and other events. (Image: Shem-Tov Photography)

Currently being called the King David Hotel, the same name as Israel’s historic luxury hotel, the new Las Vegas property would feature a synagogue, among other amenities. Planned restaurants and catering would adhere to strict Jewish kosher dietary guidelines.

Having a facility that can provide kosher catering has the potential to be highly successful both for tourists and locals,” Amanda Belarmino, an assistant professor at UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, told

Currently, not many properties in Las Vegas can provide catering that adheres to far-reaching kosher regulations.

Destination Weddings

The King David also could be a popular site to hold personal celebrations.

Located near the Fashion Show Mall, it would be a great place for destination weddings,” Belarmino said. β€œI think it has the potential to be highly successful and to provide a more inclusive experience for our visitors.”

In addition, the property could hold such religious life cycle events as Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs.

The proposed hotel would likely attract residents from Southern California, too, especially with the planned high-speed train that is to link that region and Las Vegas, according to Joe Regenstein, an expert on food trends, who has taught at Cornell University. Los Angeles has some 565K Jewish individuals, according to a recent Brandeis University study.

Nevada has close to 80K Jews throughout the state. Currently, the nearest synagogue and full-service kosher eatery to the Strip, are miles away.

Given the large number of conventions held in Las Vegas, the King David could also be popular with attendees from throughout the US and globally who visit Las Vegas and require kosher food.

I believe it would make good business sense β€” and help attract folks β€” but also help attract β€” or keep β€” conventions and other events,” Regenstein toldΒ β€œIf done well as part of a hotel that meets other needs, I think it has real potential.”

Regenstein estimates about 2 million Jewish Americans follow kosher regulations to some degree.

Muslims, Vegetarians

Both vegans and vegetarians, as well as Muslims, who follow their own religious dietary laws, known as halal, may also visit the kosher property given how the food is prepared and the likely large number of vegetarian dishes.

I think the most important issue is that if there is a convention or other group β€” the ability to have events that meet the needs of the kosher and halal observant would be a big plus,” Regenstein said.Β  β€œAnd remember, Las Vegas has the type of large meetings where people are also coming from overseas.Β  About a quarter of the world’s population is Muslim and their needs can be met by a kosher restaurant that is sensitive to their needs.”

Roger Horowitz, a historian at the University of Delaware, who has written on the kosher and nonkosher food industry, said observant Orthodox Jews have shown they will go to facilities that accommodate their dietary needs.

β€œThey vacation in family groups, and thus are highly attentive to family-oriented entertainment venues,” Horowitz told β€œThere are well-established guides to kosher destinations that are scrutinized by Orthodox Jews, plus travel agents, etc., so there is a marketing structure that a complex in Las Vegas could tap into to reach its target market.”

Given the planned hotel’s location, on about a half-acre between Treasure Island and the Mirage, there could be objections to the development. Other issues may arise on financing. Local zoning officials will review the proposal later this year.

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