Jontay Porter Allegedly Wagered Millions via Betting Account

The increasing popularity of sports betting continues to raise concerns about the impact of gambling on professional and collegiate sports. Over the last year, many scandals broke out, with accusations against collegiate and professional athletes who allegedly participated in gambling activities. Currently, sports leagues explicitly prohibit wagering by players or other involved personnel on their particular sport, while some prohibit betting on sports altogether. Despite the strict rules, breaches are not uncommon.

Recently, the name of Jontay Porter, the Toronto Raptors center, was tangled in a betting scandal. Media reports in March confirmed that the player is under investigation by the NBA due to betting irregularities related to a couple of his games.

Under the current rules by the NBA, wagering on the sport, including associated leagues such as the WNBA and the G League by professional athletes and other sports-related personnel is not permitted. Still, the Association doesn’t restrict placing wagers on other sports.

Now, a newly released report from Action Network, citing β€œmultiple sources with direct knowledge,” claims that the Raptors center had a VIP account in Colorado with the popular sportsbook operator, FanDuel. Owning and operating the account, the professional player allegedly bet millions of dollars for two years between 2021 and 2023, the unnamed sources claimed.

The Player May Be Subject to Harsh Penalty If Allegations Are Proven

According to one of the unnamed sources, Porter did not place any wagers on college basketball or the NBA while his account was still active. The source alleged that the player β€œwas firing all of the time,” claiming that he placed more than 1,000 sports bets with FanDuel.

Despite the hefty number of sports bets allegedly placed by Porter, he stopped wagering weeks before he signed his contract with the Raptors, an unnamed source claimed. Porter’s brother, Michael Porter Jr., is recognized within basketball as an important member of the Denver Nuggets, the winner of the NBA championship in 2023.

Earlier this month, Adam Silver, NBA’s commissioner, warned that Jontay Porter may be subject to a permanent ban if the gambling allegations against him turn out to be correct. He explained: β€œThat’s the level of authority I have here. Because there’s nothing more serious, I think, around this league when it comes to gambling: betting on our games.”

There are two games with Porter that involved prop bets and raised suspicions recently. One of the games was between the Raptors and the Kings on March 20. Due to illness, the professional athlete did not complete the game after leaving early.

On the other hand, in a game against the Clippers, Porter left after playing only four minutes. At the time, the professional basketball player said that an eye injury sustained a few days earlier was re-aggravated.

In both cases, sports bettors collected hefty payouts, raising concern about the actions of the player. Currently, while an investigation against Porter is ongoing, he remains on leave from the Raptors.