idPair Prepares to Launch National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

idPair, an award-winning company that centralizes, anonymizes, and analyzes customer data, has unveiled the upcoming launch of The National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program (NVSEP). The program is expected to launch in New England this summer and expand west and south in the next few months.

The NVSEP is based on two core concepts. The first is providing individuals with seamless access to self-exclusion no matter where they are. The second core philosophy is the alignment of data sets for a single portal of regulatory information and safer gambling resources.

The new program acknowledges that people travel and seeks to protect them no matter where they go. To that end, idPair urged gambling regulators across the US to engage with its new self-exclusion program. Regulatory bodies that are interested in joining the program should contact idPair for more information on how their state-specific programs can be incorporated into the NVSEP. Β 

idPair added that its program will be discussed in detail at a number of upcoming industry events, such as the East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City on April 18.

The Program Would Make Self-Exclusion More Intuitive

idPair’s chief executive officer, Jonathan Aiwazian, commented on the upcoming launch and noted that state regulators would not have to change the terms of their individual programs to join the NVSEP. According to Aiwazian, this is a key detail that β€œsolves a problem that had held back this advancement in player protection for so long.”

The current state programs will coexist with the new option, giving consumers the flexibility to exclude from as many or as few states and products as they choose, including both land-based and online gambling.

Jonathan Aiwazian, CEO, idPair

He added that self-exclusion programs don’t travel but people do, which is why a new unified solution is needed.

Marlene Warner, CEO of the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health, praised the NVSEP, saying that it is something that has been needed for a long time. She added that she is thrilled that New England will be able to lead the way with this innovative new program.

Dr. Michelle Malkin, director of the Gambling Research and Policy Initiative (GRPI) at East Carolina University, also addressed idPair’s new program, saying that it would simplify self-exclusions for customers in need, especially if they want to exclude themselves from gambling across multiple jurisdictions.