GAN Gives Brian Chang the Position of Chief Financial Officer

NASDAQ-listed, leading business-to-business technology supplier of online gaming solutions and global business-to-consumer operator of online sports betting, GAN Limited, has announced the appointment of Brian Chang as the new chief financial officer.

Chang, who has already served this position in an interim capacity, will mainly focus on guiding GAN’s steps toward a timely merger with Sega Sammy Creation, Inc

In February, the company’s shareholders gave the green light to the Sega Sammy merger along with compensation that may be paid or become payable to GAN’s executive officers.

Chang “Has the Full Backing of the Board of Directors”

GAN’s chairman of the board, David Goldberg, congratulated Chang on his appointment to permanently lead their finance team while also emphasizing that the latter “has proven his financial acumen” from his previous interim position.

Goldberg also took the opportunity to explain that Chang also enjoys the “full backing of the board of directors.” 

The chairman also believes that the new CFO’s “proven leadership amongst the financial team and strong knowledge of accounting and financial controls” will be enough to make him the right person to guide them to the successful merger with Sega Sammy.

The company’s chief executive officer, Seamus McGill, described Chang as a “highly capable financial leader” and also an “important member of the team since 2021.” McGill also congratulated Chang on the new appointment while expressing eagerness to experience “continued good working relationship with him.”

Chang, Thankful for the Appointment

Chang also thanked both Seamus and the board “for their confidence,” adding that he was looking forward to the opportunity to keep leading their finance team toward the successful closing of the company’s merger with Sega Sammy.

Before receiving the interim position of CFO in November 2022, Chang was also GAN’s senior vice president and corporate controller since September of 2021.

Before he joined GAN, he was also Alorica’s vice president of accounting and reporting between 2014 and 2021

Before reaching Alorica, Change also took a position as an audit manager for Deloitte

GAN’s new CFO, who has a Bachelor of Arts, Economics from the University of California, Irvine, and a Masters of Accounting from the University of Southern California, is expected to bring his experience in process optimization and financial reporting to the table.

In mid-March, GAN Limited presented its 2023 financial report, showing a year of mixed performance with a Q4 total revenue of $30.7 million, which marked a 17% drop from Q4 2022.