Fugitive Irish Mafia Don Leaves String of Thoughtful Google Restaurant Reviews

An Irish criminal mastermind has allegedly left a trail of bodies and Google restaurant reviews in his wake as he evades the clutches of numerous governments.

A rare image of Christy Kinahan, above, one of the world’s most wanted men. He’s also a prolific hotel and restaurant reviewer with a “level 7” guide rating.. (Image: Irish Mirror)

Christopher “Christy” Kinahan, aka “the Dapper Don,” is the founder of the Kinahan Cartel and one of the most wanted men in the world.

His gang graduated from petty street crime, allegedly fixing horse races, and drug dealing on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, to become one of the biggest transnational organized crime groups in the world, according to the US government.

But in one of hundreds of thoughtful reviews posted on Google by Kinahan between 2019 and 2023 under the alias “Christopher Vincent,” he admits he stormed out of the Mitts and Trays restaurant in Blue Water, Dubai, before the food was delivered because of the lengthy wait.

“[This] was not so bad for adults, but when you have children with you it can be a hassle,” he ruminated.

Bloody Feud

Irish courts describe the Kinahan family as a “murderous organization” involved in the trafficking of drugs and firearms internationally.

In 2022, the US State Department announced a $15 million reward for information leading to the capture of high-level Kinahan members.

Kinahan and his sons, Daniel and Christopher Jr., are believed to be holed up in a luxury mansion in Dubai, where they “exert power across the globe with an army of gunmen and money launderers,” according to The Irish Times.

The Kinahans disappeared to Dubai in 2016 following a bloody feud with rival Dublin criminal organization the Hutch Gang.

Earlier that year a group of Hutch members armed with AK47s stormed Dublin’s Regency Hotel dressed as police officers during a boxing weigh-in organized by Daniel Kinahan.

The intention was to take out Daniel Kinahan and his top lieutenants. The main targets escaped, but two Kinahan associates died in the gunfire. Twelve people were murdered by members of the Kinahan Cartel in retribution.

Everyone’s a Critic

Kinahan Sr.’s prolific Google reviews show that he is an enthusiastic globetrotter, despite his legal predicament. He has posted restaurant and hotel reviews from Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Hong Kong, according to The Irish Times.

In fact, his Google profile has earned more than 10,000 points, obtaining a “level 7” guide rating.

In his reviews, Kinahan comes across as an inpatient and somewhat fussy businessman. One review is particularly interesting in the context of his status as a transnational organized crime boss.

Of another Dubai restaurant, he writes, “I did explain that I did not like to be called ‘boss’ and please could you call me ‘Chris, Mr Vincent, or Sir,’”

“The waitress tittered,” he added. “I thought nothing more of it until we were paying the bill … and were about to leave when the same waitress made a point of saying ‘thanks boss!’”

Despite the hiccup, he gave the restaurant four stars.

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