DraftKings Triumphs as “Clear Winner” among Competitors, Says New Survey

Amid the expansion of sports betting across the United States, competition in the sector remains fierce. Currently, close to 40 states offer some form of legal wagering on sports, with most providing options for both retail and online/mobile betting services. With that in mind, each state represents a competition for sports betting operators, despite the established leadership of recognizable giants such as FanDuel and DraftKings.

According to the results of a new survey, DraftKings currently holds a slight advantage ahead of FanDuel, but many bettors like the services of the recently launched ESPN Bet too. Details regarding the Truist Securities survey, disclosed by CDC Gaming, highlighted DraftKings’ leadership position with 29% of respondents casting their vote for the betting and gaming giant. Not that distant second was FanDuel, which saw 22% support from survey respondents. However, when asked which of the two the bettors would prefer, a majority of 61% said DraftKings.

According to Truist Securities’ analyst, Barry Jonas, the results of the new survey confirm DraftKings is the “clear winner.” Still, he pointed out that ESPN Bet enjoys “positive feedback,” predicting that the sportsbook has the potential for growth and success in the long term.

Additionally, Jonas acknowledged the cost-of-living’s impact on customer spending and betting frequency, saying that the latest recorded responses were not far off the initial expectations. The analyst added: “We do see the larger, more established incumbents as best positioned (unfortunately along with illegal gaming) if there were any new major restrictions imposed.” Jonas explained that the same leading operators are usually among the leaders in responsible gambling, offering robust player protection methods.

Majority of the Bettors Prefer the Same Platform for iGaming

Interestingly enough, the survey uncovered that approximately 90% of the high-rollers, or bettors who spend more than $5,000 on sports, were between the ages of 21 and 44. Approximately two-thirds of the high-rollers were below the age of 38.

Besides sports betting, the new survey determined the preferences of the consumers for iGaming activities. Not surprisingly, DraftKings received support from 27% of the participants in the survey, followed by FanDuel with 18% and BetMGM with 14%. Despite the different percentages, 62% or an overwhelming majority of the responders said that they enjoy iGaming and sports betting via the same platform. This, according to Jonas, highlighted the importance of cross-selling opportunities for gambling operators in an effort to boost customer engagement and retention.