CoinGames Introduces Fully Decentralized Gambling Site

CoinGames, the gambling platform that has taken the iGaming world by storm by leveraging the latest in blockchain technology and using innovation in Web3 development and adoption, has created the world’s first fully licensed decentralized gambling site.

What Users Can Expect 

The recently launched web3 casino platform is now providing users with secure and well-streamlined online casino services that are powered with the help of the freshest blockchain and smart contract technology

CoinGames’s gambling platform enables users to enjoy instant withdrawals, get access to daily promotions, and get in touch with 24-hour live customer support. 

The site counts over 10,000 casino games in the library and it offers easy accessibility via a platform built with transparency, optimization, and entertainment at the core. 

Players also benefit from quicker registration procedures and deposits that do not involve any third parties.

The Conversion Rate Issue, Finally Addressed

CoinGames has managed to tackle one of the greatest challenges that the online casino world has been facing, which is the conversion rate problem. 

The unique Web3 platform has eliminated the need to deposit funds to gamble. This is because the entire game session is completed via a smart contract, thus removing this great barrier. 

The one-of-a-kind approach has generated a 380% conversion rate boost as well as a 200% rise in customer Lifetime Value.

Players also benefit from quicker registration procedures and deposits that do not involve any third parties.

Users are also allowed to fully control their funds with zero restrictions on the time or amount they are allowed to cash them out via non-custodial wallets

All transactions are recorded on the CoinGames framework built upon the Binance Chain and the Polygon Chain, with Ethereum and Solana available in the future. 

This translates to users benefitting from unparalleled experiences that are both safe and streamlined with no interruptions.

The CoinGames Launch, a “Pivotal Moment”

CoinGames’ president, Edoardo Narduzzi, called the CoinGames launch “a pivotal moment” not just for them, but for the online gaming ecosystem as a whole.

Narduzzi, who is also a serial entrepreneur and founder of numerous successful ventures like TechEdge, NETikos, and Mashfrog Group, added that they are “setting a new industry standard for transparency and user control.”

The platform has 20,000 users at the moment, with plans to entertain up to one million players by the end of the year. 

Since it managed to bag a specialized gambling license, CoinGames can operate its crypto-based gambling model in regulated markets. 

In 2022, crypto casino FoggyStar’s project received $5 million in financial support from Canadian and Japanese investors for brand development and the design of its new token that would facilitate the generation of innovative iGaming products.