Casino-Related Crime: Drunk Casino Goers Crash Car; Domestic Offender Gets Jail Time

From women who got into a fight at a casino while their children waited for them alone, to an offender who assaulted another at a casino hotel room, here are some of the latest cases of crime in the United States.

Drunk Women Fight at a Casino, Crash Car into a Game Club

Two women at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Oregon reportedly got into a fight after drinking a bit too much. Despite the quarrel, they later got into the same truck and left the property, only to crash into the Lock & Key Adventurer’s Guild, a board game club situated a mile away from the casino. The impacted property had its front window broken and received damage to its external wall. Β 

The vehicle was owned by Shailin Moses, 27, who was accompanied by Mary Sanders, 24. The police learned that the two women had been drinking at the casino for hours before the incident.

To make matters worse, officers found that their children, one aged two and one aged six, were left alone at an apartment.

The two women were charged with second-degree child neglect and were booked at the Lincoln County Jail. Additionally, Moses was charged with drunk driving, reckless driving and failure to perform the duties of a driver when a property is damaged.

Violent Domestic Offender Gets Jail Time

Elsewhere, a Red Lake man received a 46-month sentence and 3 years of supervised release after violently assaulting another in a room at the Seven Clans Casino in Minnesota. Shawn Rene Lussier, 55, repeatedly punched and kicked their victim, according to reports.

The assault led to serious injuries to the victim, which included an inch-long laceration to the scalp, a bloody lip and multiple bruises. Additionally, the fight caused hundreds of dollars in property damage.

Court documents reveal that this isn’t Lussier’s first instance of assault. Officers learned that he had multiple Tribal Court convictions for Criminal Domestic Violence and had hurt multiple victims in the past. In addition, he had a history of alcohol-related offenses.

He was sentenced on a single count of domestic assault by a habitual offender.

Vegas Gunman Kills a Beloved Attorney

In the meantime, a Las Vegas attorney and his wife were killed by a gunman during a child custody hearing. Dennis Prince, 57, and Ashely Prince, 30, were shot across the table by Joseph Houston, 77, reports say. After shooting the two victims, Houston killed himself.

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford expressed his shock at the incident on X, lamenting the death of what he called a brilliant attorney. He was also recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in the state.

A motive for the shooting is yet to be confirmed by police.

An Illinois Man Cries Wolf

At Rivers Casino in Illinois, Jaime Ramos, 23, called the police, telling them that eight people were involved in an alleged shooting at the Des Plaines casino.

Officers rushed to the scene only to find out that there was no such incident had taken place and that the Chicago man had made everything up. They located him at the casino and learned that he had gotten into a fight with another guest.

Ramos was charged with disorderly conduct.