Casino Crime Round Up: Three Kids Left Unattended in Car at Canadian Casino

Three children were left alone in a car parked at Canada’s Pickering Casino Resort for about four hours on Monday evening.

Pickering Casino Resort, pictured above. Three children were left alone in a car at the casino. Their mothers were charged. (Image: TripAdvisor)

At one point, the kids decided to leave the lot where the vehicle was parked. They were found playing on a street close to the Pickering, Ontario gaming property.

When security guards went up to the children, they were told by one of them their mothers had gone into the casino.

One of the women handed them a cell phone. But local police officers checked the phone only to find out there was no charge left.

The children are 10, nine, and two years old. No names were released by police.

The two-year-old had one mother. The older children had another mother, according to the Toronto City News news outlet.

Officers arrived at the casino after they were alerted about the unsupervised children.

The police launched an investigation and viewed casino surveillance video. The video showed the kids had been alone for over four hours.

Both mothers were arrested by Durham Regional Police officers. Each was charged with leaving a child unattended.

One woman is a 39-year-old Aurora, Ontario resident who is the parent to the older kids. The other is a 41-year-old Markham, Ontario woman, who is the parent of the toddler. Neither woman was named by police.

The Children’s Aid Society was told about the incident. None of the children appear to have been injured.

Similar incidents have taken place in the United States. Parents were arrested in those incidents for leaving their children unattended while the adults went into the gaming properties to gamble.

Joliet Casino Visitor Arrested

A woman was apprehended last week after she allegedly took a firearm into the Harrah’s Joliet Casino in Illinois.

Over the weekend, Elizabeth Brothers, 61, of Boaz, Ala., was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of ammunition, according to Patch.

She was released on a promise to appear in court.

Last Thursday, Joliet police officers were alerted that casino security guards discovered a woman, later found to be Brothers, with a gun in her possession.

Brothers had walked into the gaming property and was trying to enter the gaming floor. But as she was by the entrance a metal detector alarm sounded.

Security guards spotted a handgun in her pocketbook. There was ammo in there too.

Brothers has a permit for the firearm which is valid in Alabama. But the gun permit does not apply for the gun owners while in Illinois, police officers told Patch.

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