Casino Crime Round Up: Beauty Salon Is Alleged Gambling Site

A Ponoma, Calif. beauty salon search led to the apprehension of dozens of people during a gambling raid last week.

Police officers at the raid of a California beauty salon, pictured above. The business was allegedly used for illegal gambling. (Image: KNBC)

The salon, located in a local shopping center, was one of two sites raided in which authorities claim illegal gaming was taking place.

A woman named Juliana, who works at a nearby restaurant, told Los Angeles TV station KNBC, that one person in the salon at the time of the search tried to escape from police by getting into the ceiling area.

The raid came after the beauty salon was the site of suspicious activity, Yathana Martinez, further told KNBC.

You would never expect it. It used to be an actual hair extension place,” Martinez added. β€œNow when you see they still have that as a cover-up with suspicious activity, it’s very worrying.”

She remembers people texting in front of the business and then the same person would open the door for them.

About a dozen officers took part in the raid. They carried ladders and tools into the business.

Details on the raid and possible arrests were not immediately available.

Canadian Man Captured for Casino Heist

A man has been arrested in connection with last November’s robbery at Canada’s St. Albert Century Casino.

Shaun Rains, 49, of Saskatchewan, was apprehended late last month, the St. Albert Gazette, a local news outlet, reported last week.

He was charged with robbery with an imitation firearm, use of an imitation firearm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, and carrying a concealed weapon.

He allegedly pulled out what turned out to be a facsimile gun and ordered an employee to hand over cash, according to the Edmonton Journal, a regional news outlet. He fled from the casino and got into a Jeep Cherokee, which sped away.

It appears he was wearing a dark mask and baseball cap at the time of the theft. He was also wearing a pair of black gloves, a dark jacket, black hoodie, and blue jeans, CTV News reported.

So far, authorities have not revealed how much money was stolen in the holdup.

If convicted, Rains could face many years in prison.

Two police departments cooperated in making the arrest.

β€œAfter a lengthy investigation, St. Albert GIS [General Investigation Section] traveled to Regina, Saskatchewan and on Mar. 26, 2024, with the assistance of Regina Police Service, located and arrested the male suspect without incident,” according to a recent statement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMC).

Rains remains in custody and is scheduled to appear in a St. Albert courtroom on Monday.

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