BOS Weighs In on Sweden’s Anti-Match-Fixing Initiative

The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS), representing 18 prominent gambling companies in the Swedish market, has voiced its opinion on the Swedish government’s latest initiative to combat match-fixing. In a statement released today, BOS expressed its support for increased cooperation between gambling operators, sports associations, and law enforcement authorities to maintain the integrity of the gaming market.

Match Fixing Hurts the Entire Sector

BOS emphasized the importance of a transparent and trustworthy gaming environment, which remains vital for consumer confidence and industry sustainability. While BOS member companies already employ effective measures to prevent match-fixing, the association acknowledged the need for collaborative efforts to combat illegal activities effectively. BOS general secretary Gustaf Hoffstedt stressed that integrity was vital to consumer trust.

No game consumer, except the game consumer who has a criminal agenda, wants to place its bets on a market whose integrity cannot be trusted.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, BOS general secretary

The memorandum proposed by the government offers an enhanced framework for information sharing regarding legal violations, a move welcomed by BOS and its members. Transparency and cooperation among stakeholders are crucial in identifying and addressing instances of match-fixing, thus safeguarding the integrity of sports events and betting markets.

Furthermore, BOS stressed the significance of channelization in the gaming market, urging the government to uphold the target of at least 90% channelization to licensed gambling operators. Channelization ensures that data sharing occurs exclusively among licensed entities, enhancing oversight and accountability in the industry. Failing to meet this benchmark could lead to the proliferation of black market operators, threatening consumer safety.

Improved Channelization Remains a Priority

Despite initial progress following the introduction of the gambling license market in 2019, BOS noted a decline in channelization rates in recent years. The association urged the government to reaffirm its commitment to the initial channelization target and implement strategies to crack down on unregulated entities and educate consumers on making informed decisions.

BOS emphasized that achieving the channelization goal requires a comprehensive approach, including measures to enhance the competitiveness of licensed operators relative to unlicensed counterparts. The association called on the government to prioritize initiatives that promote channelization and deter illicit gambling activities. While Sweden regularly issues IP bans on offending companies, violators often find ways to circumvent these restrictions.

The government must intensify its work for strengthened channelization, as it will never be enough to focus solely on so-called repressive measures.

Gustaf Hoffstedt, BOS general secretary

In conclusion, BOS reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a secure and transparent gaming environment in Sweden. The association remains actively engaged in collaborative efforts to combat match-fixing and uphold the integrity of the gaming industry, advocating for policies that support responsible gambling and channelization and urging the government to take a more proactive stance.