Bankrush Bonanza Slot Has Insane Features to Check Out!

Iโ€™ve never really been into Westerns. I tried to give WestWorld a chance in the cinematic saga of my life, because you know, Anthony Hopkins. But was that a Western? It was more a nightmare of what our future looks like with AI.

Besides, we all know the deadliest duel in history is over who gets the last piece of pizza at midnight. Why bring horses into it.

Yeah, Bankrush Bonanza slot has a Western theme, but it also has up to $348,125 to win. And for that amount of cash, Iโ€™d even tolerate a dinner with Clint Eastwood.

Whether itโ€™s been your dream to win big money, set off sticks of dynamite, or watch tumbleweeds blowing in the wind โ€“ this game is for you.

Whoโ€™s the sheriff around here?

The new sheriff in town is you. Guess the old one is hiding in the Bath House, considering heโ€™s got three trigger-happy bandits against him. Iโ€™d also be shitting myself.

If you ever wanted to know what the mafia looked like in the 1800s, play this High5 game.

All jokes aside, Bankrush Bonanza is a slot that ticks all iGaming boxes. The graphics and storyline are great, but the two base game Loot Link features and the Free Spins bonus make it truly special.

And, the first time you play it, little tutorials pop up on the screen that explain all the nitty gritty details on how each control, symbol, and mechanic works. I appreciated that touch.

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The Scatter Loot Link Feature

If youโ€™re a fan of High5, youโ€™re probably familiar with their Power Bet, which boosts your chances of triggering bonus features. Anyway, I used them both to help me get into the bonus rounds quicker.

But you only need to land five or more Burning Sun symbols on the reels to get into the Scatter Loot Link bonus. The Power Bet improves your chances in a spin.

Here, you have three spins to collect symbols on the grid. Each one that lands will add an extra spin to the counter. Itโ€™s like a Hold & Win.

Plus, you can win Mini, Major, Mega, and Grand Jackpots in this bonus game, awarding you up to 125,000 credits if they land in the grid. Itโ€™s insane!

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The Gold Bar Loot Link Feature

This babyโ€™s all about the gold. I used the Power Bet here too and I triggered the Gold Bar Loot Link bonus super quickly. Was awesome.

Otherwise, every time you land a Wild on the reels, youโ€™ve got a random chance to activate this beauty! You can win stacks, and when I say stacks, I mean STACKS of money here.

In this round, youโ€™re collecting Gold Bars, in a similar Hold & Win a.k.a. Loot Link mechanic.

The more Gold Bars you land, the more money you win, and theyโ€™re counted in tens. I had my Gold Bar count skyrocketing thanks to the Random Multipliers that I got.

The max amount of Gold Bars you can land on the grid is 100, which awards 125,000 credits too.

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Gimme the gold!

Bankrush Bonanza slot has landed at BitStarz first. Weโ€™ve got the exclusive early release, so be amongst the firsts to give it a go with us!

These features are fire and Iโ€™d love to know what you think of them. I was super impressed โ€“ and we canโ€™t forget about the 25 free games youโ€™d get to cause mayhem within the Free Spins Bonus!

Itโ€™s got an RTP of 96%, and a high volatility. Makes sense. This game is pure dynamite!

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